Friday, April 27, 2007

The Apartment

A 20 minute drive from the airport took us to the apartment. It was a very quick 19.2 mile drive (30 km para sa ating mga maka-metric.). On the average, we were making around 60 mph (95 kph), which is close to the speed limit on the SLEX. It was quite a big change for me, being used to the unreasonably heavy, creeping traffic in Manila. A most pleasant change, to be sure. I even remember someone warning me that speed limits in the US are much higher than at home... because they're in miles...

Aaaanyway, another neat thing about traffic here is that people adhere strictly to the rules. Neat is the exactly the right word. Pwede naman pala e! I dream of the day the Philippines would be like this, with the people abiding by the rules. So what if it means harsher punishment for violators? If that's what it takes, bring it on! But I digress, again...

The place was terrific! Fully furnished, clean, in top condition, and ready for occupancy. What's more, our receptionist was kind enough to stock our larders! Praise God! =D After unloading our bags, we dropped by the nearby grocery to stock up on cereals, oatmeal, milk, and other breakfast necessities. When we got home, I went straight to bed. I didn't regain consciousness until 14 hours later. =)

Here are a few snapshots of the place:
Austin Apartment

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Sarah said...

nice place you got there!

inggit! but there's really no place like home. :)

see you soon! pasalubong.. ^_^