Sunday, November 11, 2007

Multiply cross-posting failure

Here's a quick one. I just posted the last item on Blogger yesterday after enabling and configuring Multiply's cross-posting functionality. Turns out that it didn't work out that well, even after a day of waiting for my Blogger post to appear here. I ended up doing the import manually. I'm not sure exactly how cross-posting is supposed to work. There presumably is an interval between the posting of an entry in another site and it being copied into Multiply. Possibly a batch job running every now and then waiting for updates.

Anyway, that's that, it didn't work. I'm going to try it the other way around now. Look for this post on my Blogger page.

Update (2007-11-12): Wow, it worked! Baka may oras nga lang talaga ng pag-synch in between blogs.


Sarah said...

Multiply don't accept some html tags. Baka meron yung post mo? :)

Jeremy said...

Hmm, parang wala namang kakaiba. Href lang sa mga verses, na meron din naman dito sa post na itong successful ang pag-export. May oras lang talaga siguro, hehehe.